Ogre3d on MacOS and Eclipse -An epic journey

To start doing something useful with my Mac, I started putting it to work in game development.
First thing on the agenda: Find a suitable Graphics Engine, that would compile on the Mac and the PC and ideally be able to run on iOS too, so I won’t have to learn a second Graphics Engine, when developing for iOS.

Ogre and Irrlicht both seemed to be good candidates.

After initially looking through some sample code and the specs, Irrlicht got 2 Points over Ogre, because I liked the API a bit better and it could handle almost any resource format. Meaning, that I could throw Blender files, Images and Textures right at it, without converting them into an Engine-specific format.

Ogre on the other hand has a much more active community, better Sample and Tutorial features on it’s wiki (BIG Plus). What really sold it to me though, was an official support for iOS, that doesn’t exist on Irrlicht.

So Ogre it is then.
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